Family Law Property Settlements in Perth

After the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, the division of property is critically important to the financial future of both parties. While some property settlements can be reasonably straightforward, others can be extremely complex. In either case, accurate and prompt legal advice is vital.

At O’Sullivan Davies, our team are experts in negotiating and/or litigating family law property settlement matters and can advise on your likely entitlements, with a view to achieving an appropriate settlement as quickly and efficiently as possible. With years of experience in family law property settlements, we offer a range of options to achieve this division including negotiated settlements, mediation, arbitration, and (where agreement is unable to be reached) Court proceedings.

Where an agreement is reached, we can advise on the most appropriate and cost-efficient means of formalising matters to ensure security for the future. In some cases this will involve obtaining consent orders through the Family Court of Western Australia; in others it will be more appropriate to enter into a Financial Agreement so as to exclude the jurisdiction of the Court in the future.

Our Family Law Property Settlement Lawyers Can Help

Our lawyers are experienced in ensuring that all relevant matters are considered in determining an appropriate settlement, including taxation and Stamp Duty implications, recent legislative changes, and other issues which when overlooked can have serious consequences. If you require legal advice on family law property settlements, our Perth lawyers can assist. Contact our team today on +61 8 9426 4711, or simply fill out the enquiry form below.

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