Providing you with peace of mind

  • Asset protection planning
  • Time efficient and less costly than going to court
  • Helping all parties come to an agreement


Peace of mind is an important factor in any relationship. Pre-nuptial Agreements (Prenups) and Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs) can be entered into by parties who are either in a relationship or ready to take the next step. Both agreements allow each person to be open and honest about their expectations for the division of assets in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Setting up a Prenup or BFA in Perth is about providing certainty, not about casting doubt on a relationship. Our team can assist you in drawing up a Prenup or BFA and ensuring both parties come to an agreement. For these to be binding, both parties must obtain independent legal advice before the agreement is signed, along with a certificate from a lawyer to confirm the necessary advice has been given and understood.

There is no need for the Family Court to be involved in the registration or approval of Prenups or BFAs. Should the parties separate in future, having these agreements in place can determine the fair and just division of assets, finances and other matters without the need for costly court proceedings.