Creating positive outcomes through mediation

  • Helping all parties reach an agreement
  • Time efficient and less costly than court
  • Providing certainty for your future


In some circumstances, getting both parties to agree to a resolution can be difficult. This is why we look to adapt wherever possible with techniques that can encourage everyone to come to the table and work towards a mutually acceptable resolution, without getting the Family Court involved.

In these cases, we use a process of mediation, which involves a third party known as a mediator. The mediator will help to renew communication and encourage openness, identify the specific needs and interests of both parties, and use creative problem-solving to help the parties reach their own agreement.

Both parties can also choose to jointly appoint a person, known as an arbitrator, to make a decision on their behalf after considering each side’s arguments. The parties agree in advance to be bound by the arbitrators’ decision, which is often more time efficient and cost-effective than having the matter decided by the court.

Whatever avenue you decide to take, our expert family mediation lawyers in Perth will be by your side to guide you and provide certainty for your future.