Helping you know where you stand

  • Outlining your de facto rights
  • Property and financial settlement advice
  • Time efficient and effective dispute resolution


A de facto relationship is defined as a relationship where two people live as a couple on a genuine domestic basis, without being legally married to each other. This definition applies to same-sex and polyamorous couples.

Entering into a de facto relationship is a big step, as your rights and responsibilities will be similar to those of married couples, including parenting arrangements and the payment of child support. This makes it very important to know where you stand from the start.

Our experienced de facto lawyers in Perth can help you understand your rights and explain the various laws and agreements to you. We can also assist you if your relationship has broken down, whether you need assistance in resolving parenting, financial or property issues, establishing a relationship timeline, or are required to respond to court proceedings.

By having a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities, you can help to avoid stress or arguments in the future if your relationship breaks down.