What to consider when relocating with children

  • Ensuring your child’s best interests are upheld
  • Cost-effective dispute resolution
  • Preventing the removal of a child


Having your family split over international borders can create additional uncertainty and confusion in time of separation or divorce, especially if children are involved.

International and interstate relationships are far more common in today’s world, due to stronger connections and a more mobile society. This has also seen an increase in issues surrounding the relocation of parents and children following the breakdown of relationships.

If you or your ex-partner are planning on moving away with the children, you will need to seek legal advice to ensure the best interests of the children are being upheld.

Our expert family lawyers in Perth can provide assistance in dispute resolution and the determination of residency, parental contact and the payment of child support. If you believe someone will try to move the children without your agreement, we can also take urgent steps to prevent the removal of your children and liaise with the Federal Police where necessary.