Navigating a way forward for you and your children

  • Parental responsibilities and living arrangements
  • Family mediation and problem-solving
  • Determination of child support payments


Going through the process of separation or divorce is always a difficult time, but it can be especially hard if there are children involved.  Between the day-to-day care of your children, any medical requirements, extracurricular activities, milestone events and more, you and your ex-partner will cross paths regularly.

By negotiating an amicable pathway, we can help you work with your ex-partner to maintain a reasonable relationship and move forward with your children’s best interests at heart.

Our child custody lawyers in Perth are highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of child-related matters, including parental responsibility and living arrangements, child support payments, location and recovery orders, child abduction, adoption, surrogacy, and gender dysphoria.

We can also use effective mediation techniques that encourage everyone to come to the table and resolve any issues in a cost-effective and time efficient way. In the event that this family mediation should fall through, we can also provide support in dealing with matters in the Family Court.