A helping hand for all child support arrangements

O’Sullivan Davies can assist with every aspect of this process.

In particular, we ensure that our clients are fully aware of the issues which may flow from their Child Support arrangements, and that taxation and other issues are properly considered. 

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Child Support Lawyers Perth

In the majority of cases, parties make an application for an assessment directly to the Child Support Agency.

On the contrary, many people choose to reach agreement on the matter of child support. This gives more flexibility with amounts and frequency of payment. Agreements can either be unregistered or registered with the Child Support Agency. In most cases, where an agreement is made with respect to Child Support, it can only be varied by reaching a new agreement, or by application to court for a variation of its terms.

At O’Sullivan Davies, our child support lawyers are aware that issues relating to child support can cause difficulties for many people on the breakdown of their relationship.

To discuss arrangements for child support in Perth, please contact us today.