• Voluntary and mandatory child abuse reporting requirements

    It’s generally accepted that parents are responsible for the care, protection and upbringing of a child. Matters to do with children and the family are usually dealt with under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), or alternatively, by the Family Court Act 1997 (WA). However, if a child has been charged with a criminal offence, is suffering from abuse, or is in need of care, the states and territories have the authority to act in respect to the maltreatment of a child.

  • Handy Hints (37) – Applying for a Family Violence Restraining Order online

    Victims of family violence can apply for restraining orders online under new laws introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Handy Hints (32) – What to do when your partner or spouse will not move out

    If your partner or spouse will not move out of the home, and you cannot resolve this by way of dispute resolution, it is possible to seek an Order from the Court for occupation of the home to your partner or spouse’s exclusion.

  • Handy Hints (24) – How to contact Police when you are unable to speak on the phone

    By pressing 55 when calling 000, a person can request emergency help to their address without saying a word.

  • Handy Hints (23) – How to collect your belongings when bound by a Family Violence Restraining Order

    Do you need to collect personal belongings from your former home after a Family Violence Restraining Order has been made?

  • Handy Hints (2) – Family Violence

    Unfortunately the current pandemic has placed financial strain on many people and the increased pressure of being isolated and/or in lockdown has led to an increase in family violence throughout Australia.