• From the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ to Financial Agreements: Securing Australia’s Generational Wealth Transfer

    Demographically, Australia is experiencing significant intergenerational wealth transfers and will continue to do so for some time. 

  • The Owies Trust Controversy: When Family and Finances Collide

    Trusts can be a powerful tool for preserving and distributing family wealth. The Owies Family Trust, with its generous asset base and complex beneficiary structure, appeared to be a model of financial planning. However, the estrangement of key family members in 2011 set off a chain of events that challenged the very essence of trust law.

  • Old enough to decide

    18 is the magic age where a person can decide their own arrangements. Where a child is younger than 18, their age is only one aspect for consideration.

  • “Parenting” Orders (When You’re Not A Parent)

    Parenting orders are orders made by Courts that addresses with whom a child lives, communicates and spends time. Other terms used to describe this are ‘custody’ ‘contact’ and ‘access’ to children.