Handy Hints (18) – Financial support for single, expecting mothers

12 October 2021


OSD Presents… Handy Hints (18)

Are you an expecting single mother who is not married to the father of your baby? If yes, this handy hint is for you.

Expecting mothers can apply to the Family Court to have the father of their unborn child provide financial support.

The application is for the mother’s expenses and can include living costs (like rent, bills, vehicle costs and maternity clothes) and medical costs related to the birth such as doctor’s fees, hospital costs (not private health insurance), prenatal supplements and anaesthetist costs.

Mothers can claim 2 months prior to the birth and up to 3 months after the birth. There are exceptions to this time e.g. if the mother is employed and has been advised by her doctor to stop work earlier than at 7 months.

When assessing an application the court will look at:
– The parents’ income, earning capacity and property;
– The parents’ financial commitments to any other person and/or child; and
– Any special circumstance which would result an undue hardship.

The Court must be satisfied that the father is in a position to pay and the mother requires financial assistance.

The mother has 12 months after the baby’s birth to make an application , after that time she will need leave from the Court.

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