Handy Hints (6) – Data/Firm Security – Part 1

4 October 2021


OSD Presents…Handy Hints (6)

Data/Firm Security – Part 1

For those of us in WA – it has been business as usual for most of the last 2 years with all of us in our offices, however, when we finally open up, it is likely some of us will have to work at home whilst isolating – so it is important to again consider the consequences of working from home in terms of systems access and access to internal IT infrastructure.

Put simply, when your employee accesses your data and/or databases remotely then the risk to that data grows.

Here are a few tips/regular reminders for the remote office:

+ Provide employees with basic security knowledge. Ensure they know: to beware of phishing emails, to avoid use of public Wi-Fi and to ensure home Wi-Fi routers are sufficiently secured and to verify the security of devices they use to get work done. It is likely phishing attacks will increase at this time. A general reminder about scams and what to do when one is suspected is an essential remote office reminder.

+  Deploy a 2-Factor Authentication. The better the security software the better the hackers get. Ensure you deploy a 2-factorauthentication. This is critical. Not only to safeguard against the hackers but to protect the firm’s confidentiality. Laptops taken away from the office and into various working environments can increase the chance of theft of the device. 2 factor authentication will protect the firm’s confidential electronic files should the device be stolen or left behind.

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