Our Testimonials

I was nothing but impressed right throughout the engagement. Sherlene and the support staff were very responsive, and incredibly thorough which was appreciated given success in my matter relied on the smaller details. Engaging OSD made a difficult experience a lot more manageable. There is value in having support to work through the transactional processes at an emotional and difficult time. Everyone was very sensitive to my situation but also firm with the advice given. The matter was very well handled and I would like to thank Sherlene and Andrew. I have since referred someone to OSD and they are now engaging their services – I think that is the best compliment you could give


I am in good hands. Trevor and Eliza have my best interests at heart and are supporting me. Trevor is great, he is a straight shooter. Everyone has been really lovely on a personal level, right from the reception girls making me coffee through to Trevor’s law clerk, Anne-Marie.


The quality of the work was exceptional and I was happy with the service, recommendations and subsequent outcome. The guidance process from Trevor was excellent. I am very happy with O’Sullivan Davies and would recommend them.


The resources, expertise, and patience made available by you and your team have made me much more secure in my position and feel more confident moving forward. Your support during this time has been invaluable.


I would rate the service 10/10. Right through from Zelda in reception, Tania providing documentation and support and all the professional staff who assisted me through the process. Jessica Taylor, Bethany Moller and Andrew Davies preparation of the endless documentation, diligence to detail and performance at mediation was excellent The O’Sullivan Davies team provided me with the confidence for a fair and favourable outcome would be achieved. I am more than impressed with everyone that dealt with my issues. O’Sullivan Davies staff were non-judgmental of my issues and supportive on the day, especially Andrew who was a star. I am more than happy with O’Sullivan Davies.


I am sincerely grateful to you for the outcome you achieved for me. What an amazing result, even better than I thought possible.

I had complete confidence in you from the beginning and my faith was warranted. Your considered approach, expert quality advice, timely responses and negotiation skills have made this process a lot more bearable.

Knowing I have OSD in my corner gives me a feeling of comfort.


A pleasure working with you and a big thank you to Ryan and his helpers.


I want to express my thanks to you and your colleagues for your assistance in pushing this over the line, in what was in the end, a very good result.

I extend a special thanks to Eliza for respecting my persistent strategy, and together, it delivered this better than expected result.

I acknowledge Jessica for her support role and always prompt response to any communication on my behalf.

I found the level of professionalism at O’Sullivan Davies to be the very best.

I am truly grateful.


After 7 long years I feel I finally have my power back. Thank you for much for helping me secure time and the safety of my boys. No words are sufficient to express how eternally grateful I am.


I would like to thank each of you (Eliza, Nicola W and Jess C) for the amazing work you have done for my case. I am pretty sure I would not of had such a great outcome if it wasn’t for you, so thank you!


This has been a difficult process for me – extremely stressful and without your [Sherlene] unwavering support I would possibly have just given up.

I really do thank you and I have no doubt with you resolute approach, careful attention to detail and excellent listening quality, you have a great legal career ahead of you!

I’m very please that you were appointed my case.


Thank you Eliza for all your support and expertise yesterday in finalising the settlement yesterday. What a momentous task but we got there in the end. I slept exceptionally well after such a big day and now that the settlement is resolved.

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