Property Settlement


A Financial Agreement is a contract between a couple as to how assets and resources will be divided should they separate. It can be made before, during or after a de facto relationship or a marriage. It is important to note there are some specific requirements for de facto and same sex couples in Western Australia.


When international family and relationship breakdowns occur, it can rapidly create a complex situation, especially when it involves children and assets across different countries and legal systems. O’Sullivan Davies have the knowledge, experience and international contacts to advise and represent you if this happens.

Gifts and Loans

When money is advanced by a family member, whether
it is characterised as a gift or loan can be significant in
the resulting asset division between the parties.

International Assets and Property Settlement

To commence proceedings in Australia, statutory requirements in relation to a nexus to Australia (citizenship, residency, domicile, and/or geographical) must be met. Provided these are met, the Australian Family Courts will have jurisdiction to make Orders dealing with overseas assets in property settlement proceedings.