• Handy Hints (1) – Providing Relevant Disclosure

    The pandemic, self-isolation, quarantine or lock down do not stop your Family Court matter progressing. So even though you may be cooped up at home, your obligation to provide relevant disclosure is an ongoing requirement.

  • Handy Hints (20) – Varying Financial Orders made on a final basis

    When financial orders are made by the Family Court on a final basis, an individual can only apply to vary or set aside them under certain circumstances.

  • Handy Hints (19) – Time limit to initiate proceedings following a divorce

    In Australia and under the Family Law Act, former spouses must file an application about property settlement or spousal maintenance (or both) within 12 months of their divorce Order becoming final.

  • Handy Hints (14) – Obtaining family dispute resolution certificates

    In parenting matters parties are required to attempt Family Dispute Resolution before making an application to the Court for orders.

  • Handy Hints (13) – Relevance of the cause of the breakdown of a relationship in family law proceedings

    When relationships come to an end, it is a common situation to find that one or both partners have been unfaithful to the other. Irrespective of whether there was “cheating” in the relationship, in the eyes of the Court, this does not matter.

  • Handy Hints (22) – 10 reasons you can request to alter the Child Support Assessment

    An administrative child support assessment can be altered by the Registrar to take into account particular special circumstances.