• Divorce in the Digital Age

    When faced with a topic we are unfamiliar with or that we find daunting, more than ever before, we have tendency to go online and “do our own research”, arm ourselves with knowledge and draw our own conclusions before making a decision that is right for us.

  • Getting a divorce? Here’s what proof you need

    Under Australian law, a reason is not required to be given for an application for divorce. However, there must still be proof of the marriage’s ‘irretrievable breakdown’ in order for a divorce to be granted by the courts. Section 48 of the Family Law Act (the FLA) dictates that the court will only make an order for divorce if the parties have shown that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage by separating from one another for at least one year (note this does not require living separately). Other elements also must be proven to show an ‘irretrievable breakdown’ to allow the court to grant the parties a divorce.

  • Handy Hints (19) – Time limit to initiate proceedings following a divorce

    In Australia and under the Family Law Act, former spouses must file an application about property settlement or spousal maintenance (or both) within 12 months of their divorce Order becoming final.

  • Handy Hint (21) – What to do if your handwriting or signature has been forged

    If you find a formal document where you think your signature has been forged, or if there is handwriting on a document and its source is important for proving an issue, then you’ll need engage forensic handwriting specialists.