Social Media Spritz

2 December 2021

OSD presents…a few tips from our Social Media Spritz

Our last OSD Presents presentation for the year was with presenter and social media expert Amanda Kendle.

Amanda said social media is like ‘word of mouth on steroids’.

In Australia, 25.64 million people use social media, that’s 80% of 16 to 64 year olds. The Australian average is that people spend close to two hours on social media every single day (1:46 hours) and have 7.2 social media accounts. The biggest social media platform by far is Facebook, that has 87% of social media users.

Amanda’s advice is for businesses to go where their customers are, with some caveats.

“Firstly, look at your internal resources, who likes creating content or has the skills and the time to do it, and could you service social media accounts effectively?” Amanda suggested.

Companies that don’t post regularly run the risk of losing potential clients, because people might think the business is no longer operational if there hasn’t been a post for nine months, or a period of time.

“Choose which social platforms suit your business, which ones you can create content and manage in-house, which is my recommendation, and don’t spread yourself too thin,” Amanda said.

“Just because other businesses have Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram, it doesn’t mean that your business needs to have them too. Go where your customers are, but only go if you can service those accounts.”

During the presentation, there were lots of questions along with tip and tricks on what kinds of content to produce, software and platforms to support social media account servicing and we learned about the pros and cons of using social media to promote your business. 

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Amanda Kendle runs a social media and blogging consultancy, specialising in helping small and medium business owners promote their work using digital platforms. She taught at UWA Extension for a decade and now teaches social media at a postgrad level at Murdoch University, and speaks regularly about blogging and social media topics around Perth. Amanda has also been a travel blogger since 2005 and her biggest love is running The Thoughtful Travel Podcast.