Gifts and Loans

When money is advanced by a family member, whether
it is characterised as a gift or loan can be significant in
the resulting asset division between the parties.

International Assets and Property Settlement

To commence proceedings in Australia, statutory requirements in relation to a nexus to Australia (citizenship, residency, domicile, and/or geographical) must be met. Provided these are met, the Australian Family Courts will have jurisdiction to make Orders dealing with overseas assets in property settlement proceedings.

International Relocation

Families migrate to Australia from overseas for a myriad of reasons – employment, education, etc. Many migrant families have the same primary motivation to move to a new country – a better life for themselves and their children. However, one of the risks in migration is that more often than not, families have limited financial and emotional support from extended family members.

O’Sullivan Davies Lawyers Presents – It’s high time to embrace medicinal cannabis

O’Sullivan Davies Lawyers held an insightful OSD Presents on the topic of medicinal cannabis featuring special guest Dr Richard Hopkins, Managing Director of Zelira Therapeutics Ltd, a leading global medicinal cannabis company based in Western Australia. Dr Hopkins was joined by Paul Mavor, a pharmacist, cofounder of Health House, a leading medicinal cannabis distributer, and one of the pioneers of the cannabis sector in Australia, and Jason Jordan from Medical Cannabis Research Australia, a MS sufferer using medicinal cannabis.

De Facto Couples in Western Australia

What are the differences for de facto couples experiencing a separation in WA and in other states, or the differences for de facto couples and married couples in WA?