Parenting and COVID-19 Restrictions

Sections 61, 67, 71 and 72A

Outbreak Restrictions (Circuit-Break Lockdown – Level 3) Directions

In the case of lockdown the following currently (as at 1 July 2021) applies.

Directions were made under the Emergency management Act 2009: the Outbreak Restrictions (Circuit-Break Lockdown – Level 3) Directions.

As noted in the directions:

“The purpose of these directions is to require all persons in the affected area to stay at home during the stay at home period other than for one or more of the reasons specified in these directions, to close certain places and to prohibit certain gatherings and activities in order to prevent, control or abate the risks associated with the emergency presented by the pandemic caused by COVID-19, and to otherwise limit the spread of COVID-19.”

There are exceptions for a number of relevant circumstances, including caregiving and parenting arrangements whether by court or by informal arrangement, attending to a legal obligation including at Court, and others.

Whilst our physical office will be closed during any periods of lockdown, we would like to reassure you that it is very much business as usual at O’Sullivan Davies. Our staff will be working remotely, so we can continue to work with you via video meetings and telephone conferences. We will also comply with any recommendations of the Family Court of Western Australia and try to arrange for most hearings to be conducted by telephone to try and reduce the risk of further Court delays.

We will do what it takes to assist you.

We are here for you.

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