Kerryn Cosgriff

Kerryn Cosgriff is a qualified and experienced settlement agent and a paralegal/law clerk in the O’Sullivan Davies Succession and Future Planning division. She is a self-starter, highly motivated and extremely organised. She has experience running her own business and she has also worked for the Public Trustee as a Trust Manager, which is where she developed skills and experience in the administration of financial affairs and management of trusts.

The burden on families when wills do not exist or have not been done correctly is something that Kerryn is all too familiar with. She believes it’s important to have one’s affairs in order and a correct will in place so that loved ones can grieve freely without the added stress of legal complexities.

Kerryn’s work is always client focussed and she gets job satisfaction knowing that she has made the legal process smooth and easy for her clients. One to remain calm in any situation, Kerryn enjoys helping people by taking the pressure off. She is empathetic, unflappable and knows how to put her clients at ease while getting the job done efficiently.

When she is not at the desk, Kerryn is likely to be playing her new favourite sport, paddle tennis, or trackside cheering on a race horse, at home with her family or out in nature walking her beloved dog.