O’Sullivan Davies Newsletter #4 (February 2020)

O’Sullivan Davies hopes you’ve had a fantastic start to 2021. Although the 5 day lockdown was unexpected, our staff all spent 2 weeks working from home without any difficulties and we are pleased that we were able to continue to provide high level services throughout this period.

New Arrivals

This quarter, we are excited to announce that we have 2 new staff members on board:
1. Bethany Moller joins us as an Associate and her profile can be found HERE.
2. Gemma Swan joins us as a Lawyer and her profile can be found HERE.

In case you missed it, we also sent out a circular this month about our staff changes, and you can find this HERE.

OSD Presents

We wrapped up 2020’s OSD Presents with Dr Richard Hopkins speaking to us about medicinal cannabis (media release HERE) and we will be launching our first OSD Presents for 2021 on 4 March 2021 on demystifying Bitcoin and block chain. If you or anyone you know are interested in joining us for our next OSD Presents event, please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can include you in our mailing list as these events are announced.


On 3 December 2020, Federal Parliament passed the Family Law Amendment (Western Australia De Facto Superannuation Splitting and Bankruptcy) Bill 2020. While WA Parliament still has to approve this, we are pleased that de facto couples in WA are a few steps closer to being able to split their superannuation entitlements following separation.

 As always, we are pleased to be able to continue assisting our clients to resolve their family law disputes – if you know anyone who would benefit from a conversation with us, please do not hesitate to have them contact us for a confidential discussion.


Your New Partner/Spouse and Your Family Law Matter

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