O’Sullivan Davies Lawyers appoints new Client Engagement Liaison

27 April 2021

O’Sullivan Davies Lawyers has appointed senior paralegal Jessica Taylor into the Client Engagement Liaison position.

Servicing clients on a part-time basis while continuing as a senior paralegal, Ms Taylor will check in with clients periodically to ensure their expectations are being met, as well as providing an easy way for clients to discuss any areas for improvements.

O’Sullivan Davies partner Nicola Watts says that the firm first appointed a Client Engagement Liaison in July 2020 as a complimentary service, and the feedback since then from clients has been extremely positive.

“We are very proud of the direction we have taken to further elevate our service and engagement with our clients. This year we are focussing on how we can make our client’s experience better when dealing with their family law matter” Ms Watts says.

Ms Taylor, who has worked at the firm for 10 years in June, says that putting the needs of clients first is what makes O’Sullivan Davies stand out from other firms.

“O’Sullivan Davies is unique as our firm does not only assist clients with completing and finalising their family law matters, but also makes sure our clients are adequately supported throughout challenging times” Ms Taylor says.

“I am excited to dive into this role and to have the opportunity to provide our clients with additional support. It is important our clients feel their needs are being met and that they have a point of contact to assist with any queries they may have along the journey.”

“I am proud to work at O’Sullivan Davies because the firm is client focused, and we aim to resolve all family law matters in the most cost effective, efficient and supportive way possible. It makes such a difference for clients who are already going through a difficult situation.”

Ms Taylor can be contacted on cel@osullivandavies.com.au

Established in 2000 and celebrating 21 years of service this year, O’Sullivan Davies Lawyers is a First Tier specialist family law practice with a skilled team of 32 staff based in Perth.

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