Courtney Seragusana


Courtney started at O’Sullivan Davies in 2014 as a junior clerk. Since then, her work ethic has earned her various promotions and she’s now a paralegal and is currently studying a Diploma in Legal Services. Courtney gets enormous job satisfaction in quasi detective work to find financial information or hidden wealth. Her quiet demeanour masks her sharp instinct, which is as strong as her determination and resourcefulness. Getting results for her clients is what drives her. Courtney takes great pride in her work and has acute attention to detail, making her particularly good in property settlement resolutions. 

Courtney balances her hard work by escaping, whether it’s camping in the great outdoors or reading the latest book in Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club. She also loves travelling, collecting plants and spending time with her dog.

What clients have said about Courtney:

Thank you to Courtney for all her work on my file and all of my calls to her at various times, I am very grateful for her professionalism and kindness.  JP