Gifts and Loans

When money is advanced by a family member, whether
it is characterised as a gift or loan can be significant in
the resulting asset division between the parties.

International Assets and Property Settlement

To commence proceedings in Australia, statutory requirements in relation to a nexus to Australia (citizenship, residency, domicile, and/or geographical) must be met. Provided these are met, the Australian Family Courts will have jurisdiction to make Orders dealing with overseas assets in property settlement proceedings.

De Facto Couples in Western Australia

What are the differences for de facto couples experiencing a separation in WA and in other states, or the differences for de facto couples and married couples in WA?

Family Property Division and the New Technologies

Both the federal government and senior members of the courts are committed to finding ways to reduce the costs to litigants of disputes about family property. This article reviews a number of new technologies that could help family law practitioners to reduce the time spent in preparing a case for the purposes of negotiation, mediation or litigation. Adoption of such technologies could thereby reduce legal costs for clients. The article also reviews a new government-funded program, developed under the leadership of the Legal Services Commission of South Australia, to assist people to resolve property disputes using artificial intelligence, without involving lawyers.