• Property received after separation

    How is property acquired after separation treated? As with many issues in family law, it depends on the circumstances.

  • Tips for a Maintenance Application

    To obtain spousal maintenance in Perth / Western Australia, we look to Section 72 of the Family Law Act 1975 (section 205ZC of the Family Court Act 1997 for de facto couples).

  • From the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ to Financial Agreements: Securing Australia’s Generational Wealth Transfer

    Demographically, Australia is experiencing significant intergenerational wealth transfers and will continue to do so for some time. 

  • Navigating a Globalised World: Australian Financial Agreements and Overseas Jurisdictions

    In today's interconnected world, individuals are increasingly transcending borders, pursuing education, careers, and relationships across continents. Global mobility brings with it a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to planning for the financial future of a de-facto relationship or marriage in the event of separation.

  • Handy Hints (12) – Factoring in inheritance in family law proceedings

    If you have received an inheritance late in the relationship or even after the relationship ends, but before your family law financial settlement, the inheritance is not automatically ‘excluded’ from the asset pool.

  • Handy Hints (1) – Providing Relevant Disclosure

    The pandemic, self-isolation, quarantine or lock down do not stop your Family Court matter progressing. So even though you may be cooped up at home, your obligation to provide relevant disclosure is an ongoing requirement.

  • Handy Hints (32) – What to do when your partner or spouse will not move out

    If your partner or spouse will not move out of the home, and you cannot resolve this by way of dispute resolution, it is possible to seek an Order from the Court for occupation of the home to your partner or spouse’s exclusion.

  • Handy Hints (36) – Spousal or de facto partner maintenance

    Spousal maintenance or de facto partner maintenance is not automatic and there is no one size fits all calculation available.

  • Handy Hints (34) – Reviewing documents favouring your spouse or partner following separation

    If your relationship with your spouse or partner is in trouble, then you need to collate and check any documents you might have signed favouring that person during the relationship.

  • Handy Hints (33) – Ongoing disclosure obligations

    The duty of disclosure is onerous and can be, at times, overwhelming, especially for the party who has controlled or managed the finances throughout the marriage or relationship.